·       Canara Bank Employees’ Pension Regulations 1995


·     Dearness Allowance to be reckoned for calculating Gratuity as per Service Regulations"

·       Withholding of retirement benefits of employees/officers pending enquiry declared unlawful by The Supreme Court Of India – State Of Jharkhand Vs Jitendra Kumar Srivastava – Civil Appeal 6770 And 6771/2013 Dated 14.08.2013


·       Grant of 5 years of service under regulation 29 of pension regulations to the VRS Optees for the purpose of calculation of pension and pay for the purpose of determination of pension – Civil Appeal 1942/2009 Dated 13.02.2014 – Bank of India & another Vs K Mohandas & Others


·       Revision of pension and revision of pay scales are inseparable – Civil Appeal 1123/2015 Dated 01.07.2015


·       Regarding anomaly in settlement of refixation of basic pension and payment of arrears for those retired between April 1998 and October 2002 – Civil Appeal 5525/2012 - Bank Of Baroda & Another Vs G Palani & Others Dated 13.02.2018


·       IBA communication to Member Banks to pay the differential amount of Pension arrears for those retired between April 1998 and October 2002


·     IBA Clarification regarding payment of interest on differential amount of pension amount for those retired between 1998 and April 2005


·       100% D A Neutralisation To Pre 2002 Retirees – Civil Appeal 5252-5255/2018 – United Bank of India & Others Vs United Bank of India Retirees Welfare Association and Others


·       Regarding invoking regulation 20(3)(iii) at the time of superannuation when the disciplinary proceedings already initiated are pending against an officer – Illegality of awarding punishment under service regulations after superannuataion -  Non payment of pension after superannuation on the pretext of pending disciplinary case vitiates the proceedings – Civil Appeal 2693/2013 Dated 15.02.2018 – Uco Bank Vs Rajendra Shankar Shukla


·     The eligibility for liberalised pension scheme of being in service on the specified date and retiring subsequent to that date' violates Art. 14 and is unconstitutional and is struck down. – D S Nakara & Others Vs Union of India


·     Service Gratuity Redefined by orders of Deputy Labour Commissioner, Hyderabad. Calculation should be based on Pay with Allowances. No. of months gratuity beyond 30 years. It is 45 days and not 15 days.


·     2nd Option for Pension to Compulsorily Retired Bank Officers - IBA Communication to Banks

·     • When the action is initiated under Pension Regulations which permits such action only for ‘grave misconduct’, there should be application of mind to that aspect to conclude so and thereafter take action. While concluding so, the policy guidelines of the Bank is also to be taken into consideration. – S M Adiga Vs Syndicate Bank WP 18992 delivered on 29.07.2018 by the Karnataka High Court.